Shanghai MengO textile co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of medium - high grade knitting fabrics , we are very strong in all kind of Linen and Linen Blended fabrics. For Linen fabrics we are not only have advanced in production equipment and stable process technique, but also very professional in the finishing part.

Besides Linen products,  we are also good at the special fabrics, such as Wool blended, Tencel or Tencel blended, Silk blended, Spaced dye, neps, melange etc.

MengO has established stable cooperation relationship with many yarn factories and dyeing mills,continuous the innovation and technique in the yarn process and keeping the improvement in dyeing process to made better quality products for our customer.

Our Major Customer is Oversea buyers from USA , Europe and Australia.  Our Key End Buyers is : ARMANI, M&S, ESPRIT, NEXT, NafNaf, Kookai, H&M, CK and so on.

MengO will continue to actively develop new products, also hope that the customers can give us more new ideas, new concepts, make us more aware of customer needs and development direction, let us go forward hand in hand, create brilliance.